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Tuesday, April 11, 2006


hi, it's lisa...i LOVE THIS BLOG!!

*fingerwaves* Hi Lisa!

Thank you very much. I love doing the blog. This is so much fun.

Hi kittara,
I always look for recipe for potatoes.What kind of potatoe do we have to use.(red ,yukon and white)???

Hy Ranya,

You can use any kind of baking potato. I used baby yukon golds but you can use regular baking potatoes or russets. Anything that's good baked. If the potatoe is not thin skinned though, you might want to peel them.

To tell you that I shall be making your potatoes for Sunday dinner, this is easy for me, I shall serve them to my patents. If I may ask you, how do I serve your beautiful Midori dessert? Do I give each person a glassful of dip or is that for everyone? so sorry to be so uneducated but I am trying very hard. Also to tell you shrimp with avocado dip was very enjoyed by everyone. Thank you


I am glad that the shrimp turned out well for you. I hope the potatoes do too!

I don't mind questions at all. When I am serving the midori for a party, I generally serve it like a dip. One bowl in the middle of a tray of fruit.

When I am serving it for a more elegant party, I clean and slice the strawberries into a pretty glass or ice cream bowl and drizzle with the dip. Its so pretty like that!

But you can serve it in individual little glasses with a small bowl of strawberries or apples if you like. Be creative. I like small shot glasses so I was just playing around with one of mine for the picture!

Hope that helps!

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