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Monday, April 03, 2006


Everything beautiful and I can taste it all the way here! The avacado mousse I find intriguing, can you suggest a way I could serve it as a dip with shrimps perhaps? Thank you so much for a beautiful site! Sad person with no experience but so willing to learn. Thank you so much

Hi Connie,

The avacado mousse would be great with shrimp. The creamy avacado is a great foil for the shrimp. I would however add a bit more lime juice and a bit more cayenne pepper to the mix. Or switch the cayenne out with wasabi.

To make this really pretty, I would shred some lettuce into the bottom of a martini glass, nestle the avacado mousse into the middle of the shredded lettuce and hang shrimp off the edge!

However, the avacado cannot be made too far in advance because it turns brown really quickly. Adding a bit more lime juice helps but don't let this sit out too long.

Many many thank yous for this.I am planning small gathering,(5),I am hoping not to look too uneducated in kitchen matters!!I come to visit your beautiful site all the time but not educated enough to try so many nice things but try little things. Thank you.

You are welcome. I try not to make anything too complicate. I just like to use lots of interesting ingredients! I think it's a matter of confidence in the kitchen. The more I play with food the more I realize how muh fun it is. Which makes me lose my fear of screwing anything up. There are still things I am not quite brave enough to try but for the most part, I try to keep my cooking quick and easy. Thank you for visiting!

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