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Saturday, June 10, 2006


My mouth is watering after reading this! I envy the fresh fruit and corn, as it's barely above freezing tonight in Ontario.

Your photography is gorgeous, too. Beautiful blog!

Incredible photos! There is just never anything better that fruit that tastes like it's suppose too! Oh, those cherries...gorgeous!!


Thank you! I LOOOVE my new camera, its allowing me to take pictures I couldn't before! I hope fruit comes in for you soon... I will be envying you when fall hits! I miss the pretty leaves!

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Thank you. Comming from you I will take that as a compliment as I envy your photos!

And yeah, I was getting disillusioned with the fruit in the super market. Now that I've found the farmers market I am getting fruit like I remember fruit is suppose to taste like. It's a wonder!

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Look at those fresh vegetables! And the cherries ... I just love cherries but we're still a few weeks away at least before we get to taste any local cherries.

Just a lovely post!


Thank you! I forgot to write about the tomatoes, but this is the first of the heirlooms and they are incredible.

That is the one part about living in California that I absolutely adore. The produces! I will hope for an early season for you!

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Hi! I've loved reading your posts since I saw them over at LJ's Cooking community! The way you write is scrumptious! I can taste every nuance! I just read that comment where you said you love your new camera, and I just have to ask, would you mind telling me what it is? I'm looking out for a new camera, and I love, love your photos! Though I do know that comes with sheer picture-taking talent than the camera model!


Thank you for your kind words.

The camera I finally chose was the Cannon Powershot S3 IS. You can read a review of it here:


DC resource is one of the best sites for helping select a camera. They even have a wonderfull buyers guide. http://www.dcresource.com/buyersguide/

There is a lot of information on the site.

I chose the S3 IS because it was an ultrazoom with 12x optical zoom. It allows me to get in really close. It also has a super macro feature that allows me to photograph anything I can get enough light to shoot. It is a very nice camera.

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Hi, and a belated thank you!! So nice of you to give me the links! That was really helpful. Apologies for taking time to say my thank you, it finally occured to me to check back to this particular page to see if you replied, though I did enjoy the summer sunset and crepes! Mmmmm crepes! Thanks again!


You are very welcome! Thank you for visiting!

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