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Tuesday, July 04, 2006


Wow, that is some tour of Pike's Place Market. I've been to many places you list and will absolutely seek out Beecher's Handmade Cheeses for that smoky blue and Pure Foods Fish Market when we again visit. Yes, I love Seattle!

Beautiful pics, as always. I love the Market, and miss it! You've helped both fuel AND alleviate my homesickness all at once. Very confusing, that.

The sammich at Matt's sounds good. I may try to create something similar myself, soon!


Thank you! Beecher's is across the street from the market itself but it is so well worth it. I think though, that you can order the cheese directly from Rogue Creamery. I just can't find Rogue Creamery stuff here because of the Real California Cheese mafia! Let me know if you like it. Pure Foods is the best I found. And I like the staff which changes little from year to year. They know their stuff and they have great product!


Awwww. Maybe we can plan a trip there together and finally convince Chris how awsome of a place Seattle is! The sammich at Matt's was incredible. They used a great spice mix on the salmon and then just a light dusting of cornmeal to give it the tiniest bit of crunch. It was so incredibly good.

Tanna is my best friend and I follow her lead. I hope one day to accompany her to Seattle to visit her son. I enjoyed my first visit to your site and will continue to drop by for a visit.


Welcome! I am glad you enjoy the site!

Seattle is well worth the visit! I highly recommend it!

Hi Kitarra - what a beautiful mountain, I think it's a good enough reason to go to Seattle :) Everything looks gorgeous, I respecially love the look of the lobsters and scallops...

Keiko - Thank you very much. It was a gorgeos day and I was lucky to get that shot. I came upon it by accident. The scallops and lobsters were huge and I wanted to take them home so badly! But it was going to be almost two days till I got home and I didn't think they would be safe to eat after that! But they made me wish so much to have a kitchen near by.

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