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Friday, September 01, 2006


I was holding my breath as I read this!
Wonderful job!
I do like Alton Brown. Lucky you to have a brother who came up with the tuna!

It does sound wonderful. I really love the sound of the five spice rice too.


Yeah as I said... sometime he is worth the gray hairs. I have a streak of gray I named after him.

I was holding my breath as I was searing it. I would have been terribly disappointed if I had overcooked it.


Thank you. I always have five spice powder around. I usually use it on chicken or with shrimp. But I love the combination of five spice and sesame. It's a super quick way to add asian flavor to just about anything!

Beautiful. :) My favorite thing to eat when I go for sushi with the husband is seared yellowfin. They call it Tuna Tataki. I've wondered for a while if I could reproduce it at home. Now I think I'll actually give it a shot!


I love Tataki too! Though I prefer albacore to yellofin... not that I would pass on the yellofin or anything!

I also just recently found a great asian market and have been tasting my way through ponzu sauces. My favorite sushi place makes a great garlic ponzu and I am trying to recreate it. Their ponzu is what makes their tataki outstanding!

Searing the tuna was so much easier than I thought it would be. Just needed to be thick enough!

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