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Wednesday, October 04, 2006


ooooh i do to. it's all about the creamy deserts for me. this is beautiful, especially the flower on top. wow! so easy too, i've never made panacotta, i have to try

How were the leaves and stem of the garnish constructed? It looks incredible!


Thank you! Panna Cotta is about the easiest dessert you can make. It requires few ingredients and very little cooking. Very unfussy. Try the Chocolate & Zucchini version if you are feeling decadent.


Thank you. The leaves are cute out of the skin of a Granny Smith apple. They were cut free from from the back side (the side that is facing down) with a small sharp knife. The Stem is a somewhat wilted stem from a bit of mint. The non wilted stems were too hard to bend. An the little dot in the midle of the pomogranate seed flower is a bit of lemon zest. It was very easy to do and was kind last minute because the panna cotta looked so plain otherwise.


I never knew panna cotta was so easy to make!
Your embellishments are so clever and pretty.


Isn't that the best discovery? I was shocked the first time at how easy it was. I just whipped up another batch too! Took me 15 minutes and that includes the time it took to get everything out of the fridge! I love finding ideas like that! Let me know if you give the recipe a try!

hi, i went to france for the day yesterday, yes i live in England, i also love creme brulee and have made it occasionally but agree it is a bit of a faf to do, particularly the Brulee top. i had this in a restaurant and they brought it to the table with sugar sprinkled then lit it in front of me, brulee was perfect and a great show stopper, i asked what they did and apparnetly they put a spoonful of a product called "COOKAL" It was a kind of sugar alcohol mixture, then sprinkled brown sugar and lit it with a cigarette lighter at the table. beautiful crispy brulee. i have searched for the product, in supermarket before i left france and online but it appears to be french only, i will try the same with an orange based liquer like couintreau and sugar and hope it works.

sounds great! i'm making a panna cotta for the first time this weekend, lemon vanilla with a raspberry sauce and garnished with a chocolate covered espresso bean. i really hope it turns out! thanks for all the tips and ideas.


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