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Thursday, November 16, 2006


Excellent! Sometimes I chop some pear and add it when the sauce cools. Either way it's lots better than the can. (Must admit that sometimes my husband asks for canned. Silly boy.)

It's also excellent with grated fresh ginger in it.

ha, canned cranberry sauce should be jailed! you def have my vote fresh cranberry sauce not only do you look wonderful but you clearly have the peoples best interest in mind!

Sorry it took so long to respond but I was on vacation last week and most of that was spent cooking!


He is a silly silly man. Pear sounds like it would be good in this. I have often thought of using raspberries too! I think that would be yummy!


Ooooo! Ginger! I LOVE ginger! I am going to have to try that next batch.


*giggle* Thank you for your vote! There are a misguided few that still think they prefer the can, but every year we are gaining converts! Spread the word sista!

Your writings on the cranberry is most correct. I catered some Christmas dinners and served the warm cranberry relish, plus raffled off half pints of the lelish. Out with the canned stuff as it is so easy to make you own. Chef Robert here in the Land Of Enchantment.

ooooooooooooo i also like ginger and must try it sometime in cranberry sauce.

Thanks so much for the wonderfully written post! I have been wandering around on the web looking for good recipes and yours caught my eye and made me grin. I'm going to definitely try it here in a week when the big day arrives.

okay...I saw a recipe that calls for cinnamon and ground cloves. What do y'all think?

Yes, definitely add the cinnamon & cloves!

Very yummy yummy collections.. wanna have it...

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