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Monday, November 06, 2006


w/ the butternut squash. do you cook it and then cube it for this or do you just cut in half and cube?? I'm not sure and would love to use this recipe!



I dice it first then cook. It would take a really long time to cook otherwise! Thank you for stopping by!

Yes, risotto does seem to strike fear in our hearts. However, I feel really good about it since I cooked it in Vienna with Angelika of theflying apple. Yours looks grand and I've always wanted to try the squash.

Kitara, thanks for the tips and the encouragement. I'm determined to make risotto soon, just bought the rice! I have some roasted butternut in my fridge ... any reason I wouldn't use that?

Thanks, PatL


Cooking it with someone else the first time helps! I hope you posted your results and pictures! I would love to see them!


Roasted butternut squash would be great in this. If it is really soft though you might want to add it later in the cooking process. I blanched mine just to soften it a little. So it was mostly raw when I started. Let me know how the risotto turns out and good luck!

We keep saying we're going to make something with squash, then forget to add it to our shopping list. Maybe this is the week, your recipe looks delicious. :)


This is a great excuse to include squash! I used butternut but pretty much almost any winter squash will do! And since I butchered my own I still have half a squash left which I am wondering what to do with!

That looks absolutely delicious!

So glad you liked the bread. I would really recommend giving it a try. I can't believe how much excitment this has stirred up.
No, I haven't posted on the risotto we did at Angelika's but soon I hope I get a picture album up of the trip.


Thank you very much!


I am going to try it next week when I have time off. Though I think I am going to try it with whole wheat pasty flour because I like the little bit of sweetness! I will look forward to seeing your photo album! I love your pictures!

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