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Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I so want to try it this way. Maybe Jason will do this the next time we're in Seattle.
I love salmon. I have several recipes for this - yours looks amazing.


Thank you very much. You can mail order the planks. I do. They are cheaper that way. Oh and I think I am going to try that bread recipe next week. I am going to make it for Thanksgivings!

Your philosophy on fish is almost identical to my own--add to my list not liking the smell of cooking fish. I've gotten sick from bad fish entirely too many times to be completely comfortable with something slathered in sauce. I, too, did the point-at-my-swimming-dinner approach to sushi in Korea and loved it. Truly delicious. This recipe sounds intriging and I'd like to give it a whirl.


Yeah the smell of cooking fish is not a pleasant one. Even baked! And though I truly did feel sorry for my dinner you're right there is nothing like seafood that was swimming moment before it hits your plate. Some sushi places here have live shrimp which is also very very good but otherwise the only seafood that came close was in Hawaii where the sushi place got it right off the docks in the morning and served it later that day. Sadly there are few experiences like it! This recipe is best using the freshest fish possible and really is a very good way to eat cooked fish. The maple syrup forms this lovely crust and though the fish is not really sweet the flavors play well together!

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