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Tuesday, December 05, 2006


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May I also recommend garlic and black pepper as seasonings for sweet potatoes? I like them simply baked, slathered with butter, and then seasoned with garlic powder and freshly-ground black pepper. They're absolutely delicious that way!

This sounds yummy. I was wondering how I was going to fix the sweet potatoes in my kitchen right now. I am definitely going to do this tonight. Like you, I have always thought that sweet potato mess with the marshmallows was just way too sweet.


Garlic and black pepper sounds sooo good. I did try it with a little garlic and lemon juice which is what I used for dressing! I will have to try them baked and butters. MMM!


Let me know how you like it! Yeah I am not sure what people see in the candy sweet potato casseroles! Yuck!

That seems like a radical way to cook them and well worth trying. The lemon juice is always excellent. Must try the garlic as I'm a big fan of garlic. But I've liked sweet potatoes for a long time. I'm generally a savory gal but I grew up with my mom making sweet potatoes with marshmellow and pecans and so it seems good but I don't really do that myself.
Glad you liked the cranberries and butter, I thought it was a pretty cool pic.

my next thing.. sweet potato latkes.

Your sweet potato recipe looks great. Here's a not sweet one that I have made twice and absolutely love:


I think it must be one of those things you have to grow up with. I am the one driving my families culinary adventures at least as far as some of these foods are concerned. And I don't think I even saw a sweet potato until I was 9 or 10. However I suspect that some of the things that I think of as delicacies would be considered disgusting by many too. So it balances out!

The picture really is lovely! Looks like lava!

You know... I think I might have to try that with you! I have a great baked latke recipe and I might have to try mixing sweet and regular potatoes in it! HMMMM!

I do a chipotle variant with this recipe that is somewhat similar but I don't add any sugar. Though I might have to try lightening this version!

I made these today, I would suggest that you drain most of the cream before mashing. I had taken a fair amount off beforehand, but still found them a little wet. I put nutmeg and fresh ground pepper in. Next time I will add some mace and cloves. Thanks for the recipe.


Love the name! I tend to use just enough cream to keep the potatoes cooking so I don't drain all of it off. But yeah if you use a fair amount of cream draining it off is a good idea. One year my mom made the recipe and she used the whole two cups of cream which was way too much. So I drained it off and made panna cotta with the slightly orange cream and it was wonderful!

Mace is good in these especially with ginger. Though I think my all time favorite is the cinnamon and chipotle. The combinations are pretty endless! BTW these are fabulous with almond milk instead of cream!

Is this the recipe? http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=6518611

There's a PDF w/a spread from the Test Kitchen book on that page, too.

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