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Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Yes, I've also had wonderful success with what seemed like totally wrong combos. It pays to risk disappointment when sometimes being fearless takes you to heaven.
Great write up.

wow.. I am going to have to try that this weekend!

Funny you should mention beef and cumin as a counterintuitive combination---just last week I was making beef stew and I reached for the cumin because intuitively, it seemed like the perfect fit!


Thank you! Yeah I think that is why I watch so many cooking shows and read so many magazines. Looking for those combos that I would have never thought of!


Let me know how it turns out!


I think for me cumin is a spice for light meats. I guess that is how I learned how to cook with it. Though I think for me the combination of soy sauce and cumin was the real oddity. Most of my diet is chicken because I prefer it. I generally leave beef to the occasional treat and that usually means steak. Heck I don't even make tacos with beef. I use vegan crumbles.

This looks very good.I am seeing a trend in the food blogging worls the past few weeks...cumin anyone?


*chuckles* I think it's like a virus. Except tastier! We all seem to pick up ideas from each other and from there the waves of trends go forth. I love it. I get so many great ideas from my fellow bloggers!

Looks good.. Thanks for the recipe.. I will try this one this weekend..

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