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Saturday, January 20, 2007


Looks delicious! I wonder if this works only for fresh pineapples or whether you would get the same results baking canned pineapples with just a sprinkling of cinnamon.

I think I need a pineapple boot to the head!!! Love it!
Looks as good as you say.

I happen to feel the same way about pineapple (maybe because it is just so wonderful when it is fresh? I actually almost always avoid cooked fruit... it seems weird...) - but now I feel like I need to give it another shot! This looks like an interesting recipe. I recently tried an amazing desert at a restaurant: a pear poached in caramel until cooked almost entirely through, served ice cold with vanilla ice cream and hot caramel sauce. It was amazing. Between these two, I think I owe cooked fruit another shot : )


Thank you. I think it might work for canned pineapple if sprinkled it with sugar and cinnamon and then broiled it. But you won't get the slow roasted flavor.


Thank you. It surprised the heck out of me! Though it's one of those things that seems to be hard to take pictures of to make it look flattering. This was the only one that really came out decent.


I think you hit upon something. Fruit is hard to cook with because its just soooo good fresh. Except for apples. Apples seem to go with baking. The only reason I even tried this recipe was because the pineapple was inedible otherwise. But sometimes, like with the pear fruit seems to come into its own when cooked. BTW I peeked over at your blog and you take the most beautiful pictures!

I made this pineapple. I ended up with it in the oven about 1 1/2 hours, but it is delicious. Now I remember why I picked the pineapple off a pineapple upside down cake -- it's the best part!

Did you cut out the little core parts of the slices? I did not, but they are ok that way.

I made this and served it with a frozen peach sabayon (my peaches were mushy so i turned them into a sabayon with crushed amaretto biscuits and whipped cream) and a caramel sauce.......... to die for

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