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Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Isn't it wonderful when we have to improvise and it turns out to be inspired! Yes I would do the barley just as you did, roasted! Sounds perfect, oh well I love carrots so I might leave mine in the circles.


Yes! I love that little spark when something you totally fake works out for the best! I have a texture problem with cooked carrots. They are unpleasantly mushy.

Aha! Thank you! I wanted to make that same lamb dish and couldn't find barley grits either. This is exactly what I was hoping would work and it seems that it did, nicely done!

Just an FYI, if you are looking for barley grits (for this or other recipes (I've actually found lots of uses for them)), you can order them online from Bob's Red Mill here: http://www.bobsredmill.com/catalog/index.php?action=showdetails&product_ID=59

I've ordered barley grits from them a couple of times, and always had good luck with it.

What do you mean when you say you slowly roasted the barley? In a pan in the oven at X degrees for Y minutes? Or on top of the stove in a skillet?

Looking forward to having this tonight with 1kg of wild Dall Sheep hunted in the North West Territories. I'm presently toasting some buckwheat groats in the oven, chopped with my Bosch blender (which did fine on 4th speed). I'll have to try to grind my coffee in the blender as I don't have a coffee grinder!

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