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Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Yes, that is a most entertaining rub down of a chicken!! You are 100% correct on roast chicken being good enough for company and easy enough for everyday! It is a great go dinner any night.
Great write up and beautiful photos.



*giggle* I was in a mood! I really should write when feeling that silly. But it's so irresistible! Thank you on the photo. I always find meat challenging to photograph. Especially cooked birds as they are not terribly attractive.


Thank you!

Thanks for admitting your issue with touching raw meat. It is rather slimy. I have yet to put my hand in a bird...I just can't do it! And, thanks for the laugh....I did so out loud! I love when that happens.

Yum, I love the color on that roast chicken. I am the opposite of you though when it comes to raw chicken. I do love the rub down, I even play with the chicken legs sometimes wiggling them back and forth...my hubby thinks I'm nuts ;).


Thank you. The honey and lemon did a wonderful job in turning the skin a dark golden color. My mom is like you. She loves playing with raw meat. When she owned a restaurant she would make 75 pound batches of meatballs and she loved nothing better than sitting there and playing with the raw meatball mix. I on the other hand would be in double layers of gloves. That is what makes us fascinating!

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