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Wednesday, February 21, 2007


what a pretty dish! i love the deep reds, it's liek velvet.

looks and sounds delicious, YUM!


Thank you! The sauce turned out to be the best part. I kept eating it with a spoon right from the saucier. Sometimes I cheat and just make the sauce for pancakes and stuff!

The community of touch and feel woman cooking together - do you think we are trying to create some of that for ourselves over the internet? I do. And maybe that's some of why we're always craving new cookbooks.
Vareniki plate looks divine!


You know... I think you may be on to something! For those of us that don't have a community of women to cook with in our own family, the network of food blogs offers an excellent proxy. We encourage and teach each other. I never thought of it that way! Speaking of new cookbooks! I just picked one up on my trip. I can't wait to poke at it!


Found your blog and just wanted to say hi and to encourage your efforts in bringing in an AUTHENTIC Russian cuisine. Internet is filled with absolutely horrible recipes called "Russian". Like all these endless "borschts" looking more like beets cooked in broth.

Two short notes: Oladiya is a single form of the word - traditionally the dish is called with plural "olad'i" - don't know how to spell it better.

And the second - your vareniki are perfect. Did you try to do them with raw potatoes instead of mashed? It's my mom's favorite.


Thank you. And thank you for the correction. I really have a hard time spelling Russian words in English. And there seem to be so few standards for spellings!

I love the recipes I grew up with. When I post them I do so to preserve them for my own while I can still ask my mother how she cooked something. And don't throw stones but I will probably post my mother's borscht soon too. She makes an excellent one. At least for my tastes. But you know what they says 10 Russian cooks, 14 recipes for Borscht.

I have not tried it with raw potatoes because they have so much moisture in them and I am not sure how to draw it out so as not to make the dough soggy. How does your mom do it?

Those pics make my mouth water, especially horrid as I'm all out of cherry vareniki *bwaah* and don't have any cherries to make them with either. But is there anything better in life than cherry vareniki with a good smetana? :) BTW I've added a link to this page from the blog I write at, which is in Finnish. If you'd prefer me not to, drop me a note and I'll remove the link, although it would be a travesty :)


Hello, I stumbled on upon your blog while searching for panna cotta (found your cardamom panna cotta recipe) and while poking around found this post. Your sentiments about childhood memories of foods prepared by family is beautiful. One of my grandmothers is Polish and I grew up eating Pierogi at family functions. She made 4 basic fillings; sweet cheese, potato, sauerkraut and plum, which is probably similar to your cherry.

You have made me homesick for Pierogi but have also motivated me to try your cherry vareniki recipe :)

I really enjoyed reading your story of vareniki! I am about to make it for a very dear friend who misses this dish. But I am unsure of the amount of filling to put in...a tablespoon? Also when making the potato filling, do you boil it first and then fry in butter?
Thanks for sharing and I look forward to your answer.

I like your blog a lot. I am about to make vareniki myself. I just like to add that my grandma spreads sugar over vareniki right after she drains them i.e. while they are still hot. That makes them sweeter. Also, sometimes I eat them with sour cream rather than cherry sauce.


Thank you for your kind comments. I do the sugar thing too sometimes when they are hot, the sugar forms a gorgeous sauce. And I know I am a heretic for this but I don't like sour cream with cherry vareniki, I like it with the savory ones. I am sorta a purist.

If you try my recipe, please let me know how they turned out!

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