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Tuesday, February 06, 2007


That sounds fantastic! Also, happy birthday in advance. However, being a novice at the whole baking of cheesecakes thing, I'd like to ask if that's 500 degrees F or C.

Oh, fantastic! Years ago, my husband had a boss who loved cheese cake. They'd invite us over and request I bring one. I haven't baked one in years but they are a thrill coming out of the oven. A bigger thrill with that first bite! So happy you found nirvana!

Hurray, you finally made it work! Congratulations! If I weren't on a diet, I'd make this for Valentine's Day. Hell, I might anyway. :)

In response to the first comment, I'm nearly postive it's 500 degrees Fahrenheit.


Thank you, I will be enjoying my birthday in the Grand Canyon. I am in the US so temperatures are in Fahrenheit. 500 degrees celcius would be WOAH hot!


Yes! I would love to see your recipe! It's agony when the cheesecake comes out though. With most recipes you know right away if it worked or not, with a cheesecake you have to wait at least 8 hours. I am so impatient.


Well you could make it and freeze most of it. I am freezing mine in quarters. That way I can't eat too much cheesecake! I dare you to amke it though!


Yes. You are right. It's 500 F. Thank you!

What a fantastic and enjoyable post. Thanks!


Thank you very much! That means a lot to me.

wow, a sinfully delicious looking crustless cheesecake, yay :)) Thanks for sharing, and have a great time in G.Canyon, cheers ! :)

wow ce bunai praji aia!1

I can't wait to make this cheesecake. Thanks for going through all the trial and error so I don't have to!

I am currently searching for the right cheese (or yogurt) to make it. It might be helpful to others who are also searching- the spelling is KEFIR or LABNE- helpful if you are looking at gourmet websites.

love your site!


thanks for the recipe!

Popping in from Peabody's blog. That looks to be the epitome of what a cheesecake should be - rich, dense, and creamy. I do not want my cheesecake cluttered with other flavors, not even chocolate. A little fresh fruit is fine but please, no thick gooey sauces that mask the flavor of the actual cheesecake. It sounds like perfection.

That does look perfect. I've bookmarked it and will try it soon. Thanks for entering.


I agree. Cheesecake is best when it is simple and elegant! Fruit is the most I am willing to adulter my cheesecake with! Thank you for stopping by!


I would love to know what you think of it when you try it. Stop by and drop me a note!

I just had a piece of this cheesecake, I made yesterday. It is extremely delicious! The recipe is on the nose, but my slices are a little crumbly coming out. I looked everywhere for kefir cheese, but could find none. I used Fage nonfat yogurt.I served with creme fraiche (a lightened version) which was excellent. It takes part skim ricotta cheese and sweetener!

Thanks for sharing!

I have made this cheesecake several times in the last few months. You are right -- it is THE cheesecake. I will never ever be able to eat any other cheesecake without sneering. I have been spoiled. And I'm not apologizing for that!

Thanks for the inspiration, Kitarra. I used your recipe with a simple graham cracker crust and won first place in our company's Cheesecake Bakeoff today. I also varied the preparation slightly, since I didn't have a food processor... I used my stand mixer to get it started and an immersion blender to smooth out the cream cheese lumps.

Thanks Again!

Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe.

I noticed someone could not find Kefir so I thought I would make a quick post.

Kefir cheese is very easy to make.

Buy "wonderful" Kefir live grains (2 TBS) and set them in a glass jar over night in 2 cups of whole milk. To make it richer you could add part cream.

In the morning use non metal strainer and collect the Kefir grains for another use and strain the curds from the whey. After many dripping hours you press the curds in form and put in fridge. You have Kefir cheese!

You can buy Live Kefir grains many places on internet- do google search. VERY HEALTHY!

I was up until after midnight, waiting for my cheesecake to bake. I couldn't wait - had a piece with my morning coffee. It's amazing! I'm so proud that it came from my kitchen!

Dear Nirvana Guide,

I gasped out loud when I read your description of the cabbie's wonderful cheesecake as "denuded of crust." I am probably your mother's age and I was born and reared in New York (Brooklyn). I can remember when there was no such thing as crust on a cheesecake. In fact, I don't consider a "thing" to even be in the cheesecake category if it has a crust of any kind. I deeply appreciate your sharing this exquisite recipe and am going to make it this weekend. I'll let you know if I reached Nirvana too. Fie on graham crackers--and Oreo cookie crumbs, too!!!

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