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Monday, March 19, 2007


Nice recipe. Some more thoughts sparked by your research and some of our own work would be to use milk/yogurt waters. Take yogurt and mix it with an equal part water, season it and then cooki it on the stove. The solids will curdle, which when the whole is strained through cheese cloth a tangy yogurt water is the result. Should work with milk as well, though the almond milk you have choosen sounds even better.

It sounds as though your research has taken you to the ends of the earth and back for perfect pudding! Wonderful! Especially like the almond milk and will give this some testing.


Thank you. You and your wife are such inspirations. I look forward to seeing what you two are cooking up every morning. I betcha the curds that result from the yogurt water would be great too! A cooked yogurt cheese that would be fun to play with!


*Giggles* Almond milk happened to be handy because I don't generally drink milk. But almond milk is shelf stable so I can use it when I have an inspiration. Some of the best inspirations come when you just mess with stuff.

Which brand of condensed milk did you use? I don't think I've ever seen a reduced or nonfat version.


I used Eagle brand but at the store I saw both Carnation and Eagle in low-fat varieties. I prefer Eagle brand but that might just be me.

Yes, I struggle with the fat versus taste issue, too. You seem to have come up with a good solution; in fact, your only real fat comes from those egg yolks (and you just can't go wrong with lemons and almonds - so yummy). I try to do the same - cut the fat back as much as possible while minimizing disruption to taste as little as possible. It's a battle, indeed. But one worth waging. Cheers.

This recipe has my name written all over it!
Lemon and almonds are my favorite!

Almost Vegetarian,

It is a hard struggle. Fat is tasty! I thought about eliminating the egg yolks but I think it would seriously affect the texture as the eggs provide that nice rich mouthfeel. And 2 eggs isn't that much when divided amongst 4-6 servings. So I am willing to let that advanced scout slip through! I would love to know if you try the recipe!


Thank you. I love the combination as well. I am a sucker for both flavors and in combination they just set each other off beautifully!

I love anything almond flavored and I'm a huge fan of lemon pudding. So I guess this recipe is perfect for me.

Thanks for all your hard work re this. I am trying to consume less sugar. Could agave be substituted, or honey or maple syrup.

thank you.

I made this, but it did not firm up, so was very liquidy.
The flavor was good, but it was very, very sweet. I ended up eating 1 serving and tossing the rest.

I don't want to use processed foods and the condensed milk is one of them. Otherwise the recipe looks wonderful.

The lemon puree is intriguing. I do it the labor intense way with boiling and changing waters. But I'm copying it to try it sometime.

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