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Tuesday, January 22, 2008


These sound and look divine! Must make soon.

Kitarra, I just found Cooking Debauchery while searching for info on cherry vareniki. Thanks for such a great food blog.


I hope you do try them. I think you will love them! Let me know.


Thank you very much. I am glad you enjoy it!

I particularly like the addition of cherries!


Thank you. I am a cherry fanatic! I love cherries to distraction so that is why I made it my personalized touch on these cookies...along with the browned butter.

It looks like Alton Brown's recipe made with brown butter. I've worked on a similar recipe and have a couple of thoughts. First is that the bread flour isn't there for gulten development (you don't want to develop gluten in cookies; it just makes them tough). It's there because in theory, the higher protein content allows the flour to absorb and retain more moisture.

I suspect your recipe will lead to slightly dry cookies, because when you brown the butter you lose up to 19% of its weight in water. This can be compensated for by using more milk. It will give you more chew, more moisture, and better longevity.

A small issue I have with Alton's recipe is that the baking soda is a poor leavener for anything that doesn't get baked immediately; it gives up the gas right away, and after a couple of hours of chilling in the fridge, there isn't much left. I substitute some double acting baking powder, which does some of its work in the oven, and gives you more leeway with the chilling time. Which in any case should be more than an hour. You want the dough to be really cold to keep it from spreading.

Here's a link to my version. No cherries (yet!)

These look quite delicious, though chocolate chips aren't my favorites either. Now, the SO--he'd walk a mile for one.

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