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Wednesday, February 06, 2008


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What a brilliant idea! And how sweet of you to mention me. All the best inventions are slightly borrowed anyway - who wants to reinvent the wheel every time!


I totally believe in giving credit where credit is do! And your idea about using the simple syrup left over after stewing fruit to make caramel was revolutionary. I tried the quince and it was a huge hit at Thanksgivings. It totally opened up a whole new world of caramel for me. Thank you!

They are just gorgeous! I was just wondering how to use all the kumquats a friend gave me...I love pears and simmered in peppercorn simple syrup so I totally see this working beautifully!

I am so making these some time!

Your tale of creation is exquisite! I shall have to try this one soon!

I once made a peach caramel, quite by accident. I'd been reducing peach juice (from macerating peaches in sugar and a pinch of salt) for a pie. I got distracted and return to find it close to burning, but not quite. Inspiration struck and I poured in some cream and butter... Wow.

This combination sounds absolutely divine. I will indeed try it sometime. Thanks for sharing.


Thank you, I hope you try it. I love the idea of simmering fruit in peppercorn syrup. I have never tried it before but I think that this summer when the peaches and nectarines are in season I will have to give it a shot. Thank you for the great idea!


Thank you! I hope you get the opportunity to try them. Let me know if you do.


Thank you very much for your kind words. Please let me know when you give these a try. I would love to see how they turn out.


Oh wow! Peach caramel sounds fantastic. Isn't it absolutely fantastic when you make foodgasms by accident? I am on the road to making cherry caramels and your peach story got me one step closer. Let me know if you try it. Thank you!


Found your blog from Tastespotting.
I really enjoy reading your posts -- you write really well.

Three minutes ago, I finished making this.
My first caramel ever.
But I've recently fallen in love with Szechuan peppercorns and I love sours things like kumquats and grapefruit.... So I couldn't resist.

Right now, the caramel is in the fridge, chilling. And the pot is in the sink, soaking.

The flavors, when I pulled out the kumquats --- the flavors were amazing! Sour and spicy. I am a little worried that the butter/cream is going to mellow them out too much..... (And the mixture seemed to go from light, translucent orange, to burnt-caramel colored really quickly..... despite getting the proper reading on my brand-new candy thermometer)

Fingers crossed!
Can't wait to nibble them!

Keep up the great work..... Your blog is now on the list of ones that I check regularly.

oh dear look at those! spicy sweet chewy, yummmmmmmmmm oh and fruity. i love this recipe, i never made candy before and now I'm inspired :)

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