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Thursday, October 30, 2008


That is too bad that your dough was not a success. But, still you are one lucky duck to have a mother who knows what she is doing. The calzones look amazing. I must say I am coming back to try this recipe.

I am *SO* going to try this dough, next time I need to make hand-pies :)

Lynn, thank you! You are the second person today that has reminded me how lucky I am to have a mother who is experienced with dough. I take her for granted sometimes but she is really amazing. I love watching her hands work dough. She makes it so easy. If you try the dough, let me know! I hope it turns out just as well for you.

Amanda, I would love to hear your results with the making hand pies from this dough! Three days later and I am still eating mine fro breakfast!

What a gorgeous pizza! Very well done!



Mmmmm....those apple hand pies look so yummy! I can't wait to try them!

I ran across this blog a while and used your mom's super awesome dough recipe. I use sourdough starter in mine and it turns out absolutely terrific with a great taste and texture. You're very lucky to have a mom show you the ropes with dough.


You are so right! My mom is a total wiz in the kitchen and I am lucky to have her. I am so glad you enjoyed the recipe. I haven't tried it with started but that sounds like an awesome addition! Thank you for letting me know of your experience.

How do you make that pizza in the first picture. Please, please, please give me the recipe.

I'm like the other blogger, how do you make that pizza in the first picture. Please, please, please give me the recipe.

It is very easy to prepare this Dough. Thanks for sharing.

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